I want to give some massive props to a website that  helped me out late last year.  RapidRepair, helped me to extend the life of my beloved iPod.   After using my iPod for a few years, the battery started wearing down.  Not wanting to have to go and buy a whole new one, I searched upon and found this company.

This company is great because it does all kinds of repairs for IPods, Iphones, Zunes, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox.  But some of the cooler things they do is the upgrades.  They can upgrade the hard drive on your IPod to up to a 240 gig drive, for around $250.00.   Which in itself is kind of cool.   Cracked screens?  They can fix it. 

Better yet, it allows you to get some more life out of your electronics.  Which is a nice change of pace in today’s throwaway electronics age.  I find the battery they put in my 30 gig video to be far and away better than the original one that came with it.  Another nice feature is you can either send your device to them to do the repair, or they will send you the part, tools, and directions to do it yourself.  I preferred the peace of mind that came with them doing it.  And with less than 10 days turnaround, it was well worth the cost.So if you find yourself with a broken device, and don’t want to shell out for a new one (unless you are upgrading to the latest and greatest), I recommend checking out Rapid Repair.