Yes… you read that correctly, Rickshaw… the brilliant company who brings you impeccably designed and built (American Made) laptop bags, folios, iPad sleeves and more (check out some of our past Rickshaw reviews HERE & HERE)… have now teamed up with to up their level of awesome.  You can now design your very own iPad and Macbook Sleeve or Laptop bag!

We are pretty picky about our accessories and how they look, and to be perfectly honest, feel like we settle from time to time with “what’s the best option available”.  The people at Rickshaw are awesome (duh) and now they’ve worked their magic so that you can let your freak flag fly and have some of the best built gear around too.  Yeah… pretty cool indeed!

Ready to get started?  OK… your options are iPad Sleeve ($36-ish), Messenger Bag ($85-ish) and a Mac Sleeve ($48-ish).

Good?  Good.  Here are a few photos we took from the amazeballs iPad sleeve we made (laptop bag on its way… expect pics)

Front (cresting through the word-wave….)

Back (iPad Glory Hole… thanks Paystee!)