Yup… the rumor mill is spinning furiously over talks that National Lampoon Vacation is getting a fresh face.  But how?  A reboot would NEVER have the same panache Chevy put into it!  Well, not quite a “reboot”… according to The Hollywood Reporter, this is a Vacation for an entirely new generation… and this time it’s all about Rusty (the son, played by… uhhh… lot’s of people).  He’s now all grown up, with a dysfunctional family of his very own, ready to tackle the back-roads of this great country of ours just like Dad used to do.

But who, pray tell, could strap on a pair of big boy panties and pull off yet another Rusty?  Ed Helms?  Word is that he’s the guy currently in talks to play the Junior-Griswold.  I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty excited over the idea of more Vacation movies… but I’m a little weary of Ed Helms as the lead.  Love the guy and all of his nerdy awkwardness… but I’m not totally convinced I can take a full-length feature with him at the helm (pun intended).  Also… will Christie Brinkley Be back?  That’s the real question!  And what about the brilliant Mr. Chase, will he pop in too?  Beverly D’Angelo?  Can Randy Quaid take time out of skipping hotel bills to show up?  I guess, keeping to Vacation tradition, if Ed doesn’t quite bring the magicsauce that made Vacation… well, Vacation… they can always cast someone else in the next one.

I tossed this info out to the boys and here’s what Paystee had to say:

I’m excited about the movie, unenthusiastic about Ed Helms.  I enjoy Ed Helms to an extent.  A small extent of not enjoying Ed Helms.  At all.  And most importantly he looks nothing like Rusty.  Rusty had red hair.  The guy from MASK would physically fit the role better. Hell throw Cher in there and take it to Broadway.  “Doo yoou beeelieve that Ed Helms is Russty?”  No.  No I don’t.