According to, “Jonas” & “Jonas L.A.” (The Disney Channel’s series featuring the trio of teenage rockers “The Jonas Brothers”… as if you didn’t know) has officially been cancelled by the mouse house.  In case you’re not sure what that sounds you just heard was… it’s thousands of teenage girls, and Carl from accounting, screaming out in absolute terror.

Don’t throw away your crazy goofy ties yet Carl, Disney still loves Jonas… just not as TV stars.  In their interview with Billboard they said:

The Jonas Brothers are currently busy wrapping up their 40+ city concert tour and will soon be back in the studio working on music projects for Disney’s Hollywood Records. We look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.

Rock on you crazy brothers… rock on.  And pay no attention to NKOTB or Backstreet Boys, there is no way that will be you in 15 years. 😉