It’s jacket weather.  Hell, in some places it is full-blown parka weather!  But how exactly should you bundle up nice and warm to keep all the nasties out while keeping that stylish image you’ve managed to put together at the same time?  How the hell are we supposed to know?!?!  However, I get compliments on my personal clothing tastes (thanks in large part to the hottie that helps dress me)… and have noticed a couple of posers around the office attempting to jack my style, so I suppose I’m doing something right.  Well, right-ish anyway.  That being said, here are my personal preferences when it comes to keeping out the shivers when the temps drop below 60°.  Side-note… I say below 60° because anything above that mark is just a nice day that deserves a long-sleeve shirt or light sweater (at the most).  If you need more you’ve got issues.  Puss!

The “Breaker”: When it’s just cool enough to toss something light on for more-or-less blocking the wind… I like the New Balance NBx Windblocker ($100-ish).  Yes, it’s a running jacket… but it’s light, great for the casual outing or day out-n-about (the Park, Disneyland, the Horse Track, etc.).  It’s my typical October cover.

The “Jacket”: When the wind gets a little more gusty and the cold gets a bit more nippy my taste in outerwear takes a slight turn.  I grab something a little more well-rounded, and something I can wear to the store… or to work.  For this time of year I gravitate more towards something like Horny Toad’s Double Bock Jacket ($185).  Incredibly easy to wear with bounds of versatility, this is probably one of my seasonal favorites of all the different outerwear options I have.  In the morning, when it’s just a little more on the chilly side… toss on some gloves and a nice manly scarf and you’re good to go.  A note about scarves… quit being a freakin douche about it and put one on!  You don’t look like a pansy or fancy boy, you look like somebody who is cold and wants to keep their neck warm.  While looking good is pretty much everybody’s main concern in life, being warm should at least come in a close 2nd.

The “Coat”: For those days when I’m wading through the coldest of winter storms I actually have three options.  An around town warm winter coat, a casual “half work/half play” coat and a warm cover for those special days I’m out on the hillside playing in the snow.

For the around town option I go to one of our favorite clothing makers… Nau, and I picked up their Blazing Jacket ($350).  Granted, this is their playin around snowboarding jacket with features like premium 650-filled down, tailored for low-bulk fit, waterproof hard-shell and zippers, Ribbed wool cuffs and mini-storm skirt for locking out wind and spindrift and a removable hood.  However, I’ve found that while this is functional on the hillside… it’s equally as visually appealing curbside while out and about the town.  Yes, it’s highly functional and can be easily used for all cold bundle-up weather… I prefer it for the nicer look.

For the more casual design I have a sweet old-school cowboy-esque sheepskin jacket (imitation of course).  I don’t mind if it gets a little roughed up and it’s perfect for working outside in the elements or doing a little half-time quarterbacking.  It tells people… don’t F with me cuz I’m kinda badass… and, most importantly, it keeps me warm.  I snagged mine up for under $100 at Old Navy a couple of years back, I’m sure you can find one out-n-about.  Remember though… this is your “utility” coat so don’t go overboard and break the bank.  just something warm and functional.

For the slopes I bow to the professionals that practically invented a nation of outdoor athletes… Burton.  I have a great bright-Red Burton snowboard jacket from a few years ago that not only keeps me incredibly warm (sometimes so warm I have to undo a few snaps) but also keeps me dry… and it’s amazingly durable (did I mention I’ve had it for a few years now).  I am not exactly the best boarder blazing the hill-side… with stumbles and the occasional bump-n-grind I am pretty amazed at how long this jacket has held together (and stylishly so).  Mad props to Burton for both style and ruggedness!

The “RainCoat”: Your not 6 anymore… and stomping through rain-puddles or showing up at work soaking wet isn’t cute.  Nobody feels sorry for you because your too lazy to grab an umbrella or rain-coat… you just look pathetic.  For the wet-n-wild elements I go back to our friends at Nau, this time for the Succinct Trench ($250).  A light and thin, but completely water-proof & wind-proof breathable jacket.  Small “stow-away” hood tucked into the collar for keeping your head dry.  Shingle-vented underarms to keep you vented while running for the doorway.  DWR finish so water beads-up on the surface instead of sitting there waiting to get everything else wet once you’re in a dry place.  Plus it’s long enough to keep you dry all the way to your knees (without that creepy samurai sword hiding trench look those weirdos from High School always wore while heading out to their special vocational classes).  A neat little perk to the materials used in this jacket make it super versatile… meaning you can toss it into the trunk of your car, or ball it up in your backpack… then you simply give it a good shake and its ready to wear (Wrinkle-free).

There you have it… there is absolutely no reason why you should go through life freezing your ass off, or wrapped in some god-awful lame jacket your mommy bought you in College (or even worse… your letterman’s jacket… 4 years after you graduated).  Use this as a tool good friends, and please keep yourself safe and warm!  You can’t type in “” with frostbitten fingers.  Speaking of Gloves… for our picks, check out our gloves write-up HERE.