There is something that I feel like I should say before writing this article.  I love Sanuks.  Now, does that make me a totally biased writer with no real merits towards true journalistic integrity… uh, hell yes!  But… I also think it absolutely deserves saying that I’m not biased because I received a big ol’ paycheck, was given some grandiose gift for saying nice things or have been bribed with a giant jar of awesome dill pickles.  Nay fowl naysayers… nay!  I am biased… and I love my Sanuks because they are, without equal, the most comfortably badass sandals and sidewalk surfers (some may call them shoe-esque) I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.  When the sun is shining bright in the sky… it flippy-floppy time.  When the days are slightly cooler and the temps begin to shorten… it full sidewalk surfer time.  And when the chill starts to nip and my little piggies deserve some extra warmth… I break out the Chills!!!

So yes… I am biased, but only because Sanuk totally deserves it!!!!

Now for my review.  Today… I am introducing you to a wonderful Sanuk designed for those of you who demand their feet only wear the best… but also need some extra warmth.  Today… it’s all about the Sanuk Standard Chill ($58).

If you remember… I teased you a little bit about these in late September.  yeah yeah… nearly two months to finally get a review out for our faithful WGUBers.  But the reason why is this.  You deserve the best.  And with the Standard Chills… the best meant really wearing them.  Day in… day out… in warm weather… and when I normally break out the Uggs.  I pulled out all the stops… for you!

The end result?  What else… Sanuk Badassery!  While these are a little branch off from the old-school look we’ve come to expect from Sanuk Chills… the same quality, style, and especially comfort that you know is still alive and well!!!  Comfort has really become a hardcore standard with Sanuk.  It’s expected!  With the Standard Chill (Not to be confused with the similar looking Sanuk Streaker) you also get a new level of great Sanuk style.  These comfy little bastards can easily be worn as regular, far from run-of-the-mill, shoes.  In fact… I wore them to a friends workplace with a pair of jeans and polo, and received compliments on my shoe style.  Something they had never seen before… and they wanted to know where I got them.  In my world… that’s a straight-up endorsement if I ever heard one!

I do have to put a small sidenote in here… I have fairly flat feet.  I have many friends with Sanuks and high arches… and while they love their sandals (especially the beer cozy and yoga mats), they have a slightly harder time with loooong walks in their sidewalk surfers.  Although… even they think Sanuks are perfect for a day hanging around the beach or chillin.

All of that being said… the White Glossy Underground Board whole-heartedly puts their stamp of approval on the Sanuk Standard Chill!!!  Your feet will be warm n’ cozy for the harsh winter… and thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking of them.  And the ladies will thank you for growing a sack and getting a little more style in your wardrobe!  PS… ladies, they have the Standard Chills (and many other styles) in sizes and great colors/prints for you too!!!  Check them out HERE.  Peace!

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