You may recall that we previewed (Here!) this product way back when, well we were finally able to get our hands on one of these. Can you think of a better thing to take on a camping trip to mess with your friends with?  We couldn’t so of course we packed our new NERF Sniper Rifle ($49.99) that our good buddies at Thinkgeek sent to us recently.  Would it protect us from bears?  Not hardly.  But we found it would rain enough punishment down on whomever was slow getting beer refills.  (Paystee never did quite learn his lesson that weekend)

Why didn’t they make NERF products like this when we were kids?  This beautiful piece of tactical machinery is the must have for anyone with kids.  Personally, I think I am going to throw it into my gun rack on the truck and let people laugh at me.

The good about this thing is that it shoots 35 feet and that 35 feet is pretty accurate.  True you have to arc the longer shots a bit (duh, to compensate for the curve of the earth), but the short shots in the 10-15 foot range are almost spot on.  The sights work well enough for what it is.   I took out a moth on the wall just last night from about 15 feet.  That’s right folks, I have some unrealized potential.

With our hearty recommendation we give this a two thumbs up if you are looking for a cool, low tech toy for that young person in your life.  And we highly recommend picking up some extra clips for it from NERF ($14.99) so you don’t have to go retrieve your darts as much.  Even more, we suggest ordering it from by going here.