Award winning… award winning… award winning.  That is the first thing you’ll see if you type “New Balance MR890” into Google search right now (well, after all the paid for bullshit that always pops up).  You’ll also see things like “New Balance’s lightest trainer yet”, “Named Gear of the Year by Outside Magazine Spring 2011”, “Truly an amazing all around shoe… best of the year”… and many many other heavily complimented one-liners.  So, we got ourselves one of these all-around awesome new trainers… and we have an opinion.  They’re all pretty spot on!  With a few slight differences.

The New Balance MR890 (and WR890 for women), both right at $100, are pretty much the most comfortable pair of shoes I now own.  Let me explain: I say “pretty much” because there are, obviously, different shoes for different running situations (streets, trails, being chased by cops, near the water, etc.).  However, when I’m trodding down the pavement… chasing that crazy sonofabitch I am so close to catching (you know… the better looking me) I almost always grab my MR890’s first.  And for good reason.  Incredibly light… very comfortable… shaped to hug but not rub… laces that don’t loosen, or tighten… excellent street-grip on the sole without being bulky or too “tready”… unbelievable shock absorption for padding my feet… and a build that has already taken MILES of beatings and still looks freakin fantastic.  I really do love these shoes!


Soooo… the bad.  and I do have one thing to talk about on this matter, but thankfully… it’s a small one.  The 890’s are not designed for a long day of wearing.  Let me explain further.  I can run miles in these… and my feet are the happiest of campers.  However, I’ve found that if I wear these in a casual manner… and keep them on all day with regular every-day walking… at the end of the day my toes feel bruised and battered, and quite honestly… hurt.  It’s the strangest damn thing too.  I can run my ass off for looooooong periods of time and the 890’s are the most perfect shoe yet.  But toss them on with street threads and go for a walk around town… and ouchies.  Is it a fluke?  Magic?  Satan?  Who knows.

I will finish by saying this… these shoes must KNOW what the hell you’re doing and makes sure they’re only being used for what they’re supposed to be used for.  Training!!!  If you want a pretty pair of shoes to catch a sexy little things eye… pass.  If you’re looking for a shoe that will look good while actually being used to make you a better, stronger & faster you… the stop.  Scroll back up to the top… click on the link for these shoes… and buy them.  You.  Will.  Thank.  Me.