We know that you all caught the return of the real king of late night last night.  I was lucky to catch the east coast feed (thank you DirectTV) so I was busting a gut oh, around 8.30 last night (thank you DVR). 

Of course, you know there was going to be the normal NBC bashing and those jokes were stellar.  The opening monologue was classic Conan, which is something your’s truly has been missing these last few months.

First guest was of course Seth Rogan (as reported here!) and Seth was his normal funny self.  They touched upon topics such as Seth’s recent engagement, his Fiancée’s breasts, medical marijuana, and Seth’s new movie “The Green Hornet” which hits theaters in January 2011.

Second up was Lea Michelle from the Fox show Glee (GQ photos here!).  Lia touched on racy spread as well as her time on Glee. 

Last up was the musical guest Jack White of the White Stripes.  This was probably the highlight of the night, because Conan donned a guitar and performed a song that he and White had collaborated on for Conan’s album.  It was a mix of Rockabilly and Country.  Loved the song.  Jack White looked like Johnny Depp and a bruised potato had a child.  Homeboy could use some sun. 

But the moment that stole the show was when Conan donned a Halloween mask that he had ran across.  Of course it was a depiction of him.  The real kicker was the mask was not called the “Conan O’Brian” mask, but the “Ex-talk show host.”  Just classic funny. 

All in all, I say it was a successful return for Coco.  Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode.  Tom Hanks and Soundgarden!