I know exactly what you’re thinking… it’s Tuesday afternoon… you’re bored and trolling the internet… and you’re wondering where in god’s name you can find a top quality, authentic Mexican Wrestling mask.  I KNOW… it’s like we’re in each other’s heads!!!

We’ll today isn’t the first time we’ve had this thought… so we got down n’ dirty with the internet, crossed the ever so friendly Mexican/US border, and now bring to you the most authentically badass Lucha Libre Masks around.  Introducing Corazon Fair Trade ($19.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$75.00).  In our opinion, high-quality badassery to slide over that sexy mug of yours for ultimate anonymity and just plain lookin cool. 

In fact… for some time now we’ve been trying to find a way to bring you the best of our field-testing abilities in awesome HD video while maintaining our secrecy, and now the answer has revealed itself.  Lucha Libre Masks!!!  Keep your eyes open good buddies, we have a bunch of fun new things to show you… and now have a way to do it and keep our alter egos hush-hush.  Here is How the Amigos at Corazon describe their mask making skills:

Mexican wrestler masks, shipped FAST to the US and worldwide, via Priority or Express Mail. ‘Technicos’ and ‘Rudos’ alike, (good guys and bad guys). Well constructed with foam lining and lace-up closure. Good quality reproduction masks direct from Mexico.

FIT: The masks are ‘one-size’ and there is some variation, but they generally fit most adults. The lace-up closure can be loosened or tightened for some adjustment in size and fit. If your hat size is 7 3/4 or above (62 metric) you may have difficulty fitting into some masks. Be advised though- all sales are final – no returns, no exchange, no refund.

Note – Female luchador masks are noted with a capital F after the name, in the images, and in the order menu.

Some designs available in “cloth” version for $12, and constructed of a thinner un-lined polyester. Some of the cloth masks have a zipper closure instead of laces, and are constructed of extra-light material. Also available, fino versions of some masks in a deluxe lycra material with lace-up closure. All such distinctions are noted both in the image captions and in the pull down order menu.