There is a report today by that the Dallas Cowboy‘s webmaster forgot to renew its website domain name.  Umm, hello Mcfly?  Apparently the site was down yesterday and the old generic webpage came up.

Never fear Cowboy fans, the issue has since been rectified and put up for auto renewal so this shouldn’t happen again.  Just chalk this up in the category of the worst timing something like this could happen.  It’s not like the Dallas Cowboys are in the news for anything this week.  Like firing their head coach.  No reason to need your website to work perfect this week?  Shouldn’t be anyone going to the site to check out news.  You are only one of the most popular teams in the NFL and all.  (This last paragraph is brought to you by the word Sarcasm).

No need to fear our faithful followers, we are set to auto renew.  You’ll never miss a day of our stuff.