One of which is a random assault of soda snorting texts at completely unexpected times.  We wouldn’t be the WGUB if we didn’t enjoy sharing… so here are a few juicy nuggets from just this past week:

“Who’s still drinking?  This guy.  One more SoCo Pepper please.  hiccups are stupid.  So are people who judge alcoholism”

“Hey I think I have a problem.  You’re my closest friend and I need you.  If you could come pick me up… take me to the liquor store I’ll tell you about it.”

“I’m still uupppp.  Who wants to sext?”

“Ummm… hello?  I’m wearing a diaper here.”

“SoCo and Meg Whitman are gross.”

“PS – that had nothing to do with my political affiliation you Hybrid driving, currency sniffing, toilet butt gasket placing fucks…. I just think Meg Whitman is ugly.”

“Best place to pick up chick?  Babies R Us.  you know they put out.”

“Good morning Eggshell.  You should tatoo a $ sign on your face for the money shot”