VMA’s last night, holy sh!t turd.  What a mess.  It makes me very proud of our next generation.  The scary thing is most of the winners are 30 somethings dressed like piñata pinwheels.  There wasn’t a person last night where I didn’t ask the question “If they weren’t famous what would they be doing?” Drugs.  Drugs is what they’d be doing except they already are.
Lady Gaga……I have no f*cking clue what to say.  Niki Manaj……I wanted to eat your hair because it looked like cotton candy.  LMFAO….drugs, aids, drugs.  And you’re 30 something, stop.  Katy Perry…..I love you. Your husband….drugs, aids, drugs. Brittany….still would hit it.  Adelle…….really? Your name has to rhyme with whale and your hit song is about rolling.  Beyoncé…. let Jay Z hit it from the looks of it 12 weeks ago. Was it weird I only became aroused after seeing she was pregger’s?