The PaysteeWhite love isn’t 9-5 friends of the WGUB… Read on:

2:27am – You may ask why I’m up at 227am and I may tell you that I almost had an accident in bed containing mom’s famous macaroni salad and the 40oz King Cobra consumed for dinner. Time to shower. Once again I am humbled.

2:28am – Is there any better way to introduce yourself than “Hi I’m Paystee, a heaping spoonful of sexy.” Maybe “Hi, I’m Orlando Bloom” or “Hi I’m the guy who invented Facebook.” …But that’s it.

2:50am – This next segment of WGUB is brought to you by Tuck’s Medicated Pads. Do not eat Paystee’s mom’s macaroni salad.

5:55am – Ok no joke….mom’s macaroni salad must be laced with Hitler’s ashes.