The day we found out the Netflix iPhone app was live (Remember along with us HERE) we could hardly contain ourselves!!!  We were literally skipping with excitement… okay, man-clogging with excitement.  I fired it up the second I could and watched the first 20 min of “The Terminator” like I’d never seen it before… errr… I mean I worked hard all day and waited patiently until I got home that evening to check it out.  Then, the next day, while at home I kicked up season 1 of “Bones” to excitedly watch Booth & Brennan whoop-ass on my tiny screen.  Now, about a week and a half later, I have to say that I’m, sadly, a little disappointed.  While this awesome little app that should rocks the casbah while I’m in the warm comfort of WiFi… watching it over the air is frustrating as hell.

Example: Today at lunch I wanted to grab a taco combo and enjoy it with my root beer and little Netflix action in my car.  I had an hour, so 1 episode of something fun and intellectual was perfect.  I even parked next to a Starbucks to steal their Wifi (as were two other cars with laptops blazing).  After the show skipping 5-6 times I decided to turn WiFi off and go over-air… which should have been fine since I had full bars.  No dice!  Not only would my show skip every 5-6 minutes… it would completely kick back to the main screen every so often.  I powered through to the end just to make sure it would, turned my car on and drove away with a serious sense of disappointment.  Ugh!

I have a TV and a computer at home & in the office… so the only time I’d need to watch Netflix on my phone is when the opportunity presents itself out-n-about.  Do I still love the greatest phone ever and the best movie service ever?  Absolutely… that will likely never change.  Just not as excited as I once was.

Sadly… I have to say FAIL!

Update – Scratch that… it was either an update or just me getting my sh!t together… but this app is working fantastically now!!!!  Yay Netflix!!!