imageAre you as big of a fan of Otterbox as us? (no, it still isn’t a vagina) If so, you know that they make some of the most indestructible cell phone cases known to man.  We have used them on our Iphone 4 and 4s through the Otterbox’s famed Defender line.  And while there is not much bad we can say about the Defender series of cases, as far as everyday use for normal people, they might be a little too em, rigged and rugged?

Review: iPhone 4 (and 4s) Otterbox

So now we would like to introduce you to the Commuter Series that Otterbox produces.  What this series of cases consists of is something a little more lightweight and slimmer.  Something geared a bit more towards the business professional or everyday user.  The product is basically three parts, a soft rubber case, a hard outer shell and a screen protector.

Granted, I was a bit worried once I got the rubber shell.  I have had a bar phone in the past with a soft shell and frankly, it was a piece of crap.  It was never tightimage enough to stay on the phone in my pocket.  As you can imagine, this made the product rather annoying.  The Otterbox soft shell doesn’t have this problem at all.  In fact, it is such a nice snug fit you could probably just leave it at the soft shell and call it good.  But frankly, that isn’t Otterbox’s style. What’s good about this soft shell is that it covers up all your ports, but still has cut outs for your speakers and microphone.  It has hard rubber button covers so you still have access to your volume, and camera buttons.

Next up came the hard shell, which took the already snug fit of the soft shell and locked it down like a medieval chastity belt.  In fact, it fit so good, that it was almost hard to get it on.  A good sign for sure.   The outer shell has all the appropriate cut outs that are needed to keep your phone functioning well.

The screen protector was a pretty standard one.  Peel, stick, rub out air bubbles, etc.   Went on easy and stays there.   About the only complaint I have with it is I can really see my finger prints on it under bright lights.  But they wipe off clean with a soft cloth at the end of the day.   So no harm, no foul.Over all once the full case is on the phone, you do notice a bit more bulk on the phone.  It is noticeable heavier.  But we feel that is a good thing because it means the case is doing its job.  I don’t think I could pick this up and chuck it against a wall like you could with other products made by Otterbox, but I think it would do a good job protecting a small drop or if it got banged hard while in your pocket.

We tested the Commuter Case for the Atrix 2, but as we all know Otterbox makes these for just about every type of phone.   And with four series to choose from on most phones, you can bet that you can find a case they offer in your price point.  Our Commuter Case ran $34.95, which wasn’t a bad investment considering most smart phones you are replacing are at least a couple hundred dollars if you are not paying the upgrade price.