We know we go on and on about docks for your iPhone or iPod on the site.  Why, cause frankly there are just tons of products out there.  But sadly, for us Android users, there isn’t a lot of choice.  Until we ran across the Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android ($199) recently. The dock, compatible with Android 2.1 and connects via Bluetooth 2.1 or above also connect and charges up to two of your favorite Droids with a micro USB plug as well.  Pair the dock with the Free Fidelio App and you can access over 7000 internet radio stations as well as your music collection.  The docks Flex Dock system allows you to dock your phone vertically or horizontally.  Throw in the remote control and you are one your way to kicking back, cracking a beer, putting on your fuzzy Sanuks and enjoying an afternoon of tunes.

Now us Android users dont’ have to feel like lesser class citizens when it comes to a speaker dock.  And that is always a good thing.  Check out all of Phillips’ lines of docks (here) for something that fits your listening style.