Also out today is the much-anticipated (by me) “Babel” by Mumford & Sons.  Would it be wrong to admit I’m as giddy as a little school-girl over the sounds of M&S?  Well… if it is wrong, then dammit I’d hate to be right!!!!

After I’ve practically burned a hole through the 2010 release of Sigh No More” I’ve been Jones’in for more of this rag-tag team’s special kind of English folk rock.  And today… my wish was granted with “Babel”.  And I’m not disappointed!  It’s a tad more mellow and “folky” than 2010’s release, but absolutely wonderful in most of the same ways. I’m 13 tracks in and the album ebbs and tides like a smooth flowing harmonic ocean current.  I almost find myself swaying while I listen.  Banjos and Mandolins are great… in moderation, but these melodic magicians manage to get them into nearly every song without my ears being twanged off my face.  And “I Will Wait” is absolutely the track that you’ll hear blowin’ up the radio and second now.

Harmonies… emotion… a little cussing… and a ton of folk soul, all recipes for a wonderful trip down Mumford & Sons lane.  Get the deluxe version and hear a few extras (including “The Boxer” with Paul Simon!).

BTW… did you guys see them on SNL last weekend?  It’s the first time I’ve seen then live and they were great!!