Dude.  No… DUDE!!  I freakin dig this bros sound.  It’s like if Phil Collins & Sting had a baby, then dipped it in an 80’s era MTV video.  Yes… all of those things are awesomtastical and if you think otherwise then you should kindly close you laptop and go away (into traffic).  Ok… that was mean.  I’m sorry.  I love you.  Muah!

We’re talking about Gotye… and this week’s particular song is called “Somebody that I used to Know” (featuring Kimbra… yes, the girl you desperately want to see a little more of).  While we were all mesmerized when playing this song, afterwords we talked about what we just saw… things like “Dude, if that guy bit you it would really suck”… “I feel like I want to do the robot through the entire song”… “I heart body paint”… and “Did I just smoke a bowl?” were said.  Either way… we dug it, and you will to.  Check it:


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