Today is a day that many music fans have been waiting for.  No Doubt’s first album in nearly a decade and the release of the first of three new albums by Green Day.  Arguably two of the most popular bands of the last 20 years decide to slug it out on the charts on the same day.  While both have distinct sounds that separate them from each other, both groups have a cross over appeal that draws fans from other genres.

If you weren’t one of the bazillion (I might be overstating that) people who pre-ordered the albums “Push and Shove” and “¡Uno!” you can pick them up on MP3 store for $5.99 and $5.00 respectively all this week.  A nice investment for two potentially good albums.

We will be doing a more comprehensive review as we are able to listen to them.  Yours truly is half way through Green Day as of the time of this post.  If I had to say one thing so far, “Nailed It!”

By the way, let me sing’s praises right now.  I realized that I bought the kid friendly no cursing version of Green Day’s album.  Not wanting to spend an extra $5.00 on the correct one, their customer service department refunded my order no questions asked. That is pretty fricking cool!  Big shout out to Luke at