Seems to be a slow week in the Blu-ray & DVD department, but here goes.

Date Night:  Starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  One of the better romantic comedies, filled with the smart humor of Fey with the unassuming delivery of Carell.  Great cameo by Mark Walhberg as well. 

Max Headroom, The Complete Series:  I honestly don’t remember what this show was about, I just remember the graphics being cool, well cool for the 80’s.  If your into pop culture, this probably belongs in your collection.  Out on DVD. 

Death at a Funeral:  All star cast of Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence & company in this comedy.  If you didn’t see this in the theater, it’s worth a top 25 spot in your Netflix queue.

In the Shadow of the Moon: A Ron Howard joint, takes footage and interviews from the men that walked on the Moon in this great documentary.  If you like space, or just think that this stuff is cool this is worth the time to watch.  Unless you have NASA tattooed on your ass, this is a renter.

And in non movie related news, Madden 2011 comes out today.  Who’s getting a copy?  I’ll be getting mine sometime this week.  The demo download from Xbox live was pretty sick, I can only imagine the full game being just as good.