We want to keep you up to date on pretty much the best website and company out there these days.  Some huge news hit the ground yesterday and we want to share it here in case you hadn’t heard

According to the LA Times, Netflix has reached a 1 billion dollar agreement to the Epix movie channel.  Epix currently has contracts to air movies from studios like Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and MGM.   Some popular movies you may have heard about from these studios are Iron Man 2 and more recently, Dinner for Schmucks, and this weekends The Expendables.

Expect this to be ran much like Netflix’s current channel Starz Play, where movies will hit there around 90 days after they become available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Paired with their recent deal to stream Relativity Media content, this just adds to the power of Netflix and is another blow to Blockbuster and the DVD/Blu-ray format on a whole.

It makes us wonder if at some point we should just all bow and swear allegiance to the great and powerful Netflix.