Remember back when MTV stood for Music Television?  Strange to think that an entire generation is already recognizing them as just another cable network with reeeeeaaaaaly bad reality programming.

To top it off… they are actually still calling their reporters “jockeys”.  First D.J.’s (Disc jockeys)… then V.J.’s (Video Jockeys)… now in an interesting turn of events, they’ve hired their first T.J. (Twitter Jockey).  Now known as @MTVTJ, 23-yr old Detroitian, Gabbi Greg was a somewhat popular plus-sized fashion blogger who entered a contest (in true MTV fashion) and is now the official twitterer for the once awesome network.  It’s a good move for MTV, I’m sure they are looking for ways to keep fresh in the eyes of their viewers… God knows I’m out of the loop these days.  Couldn’t even tell you the last time I tuned into channel… hmmm, don’t even know what channel it is anymore.

Twit on Miss Greg… Twit on!