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Who do we follow you ask?

Jim Gaffigan

I’m tired of obligations. Please RT  about 1 hour ago

Chris D’Elia | The Valley, CA

Don’t fuck with me because I’m a baller. Like, I cry a lot.  about 5 hours ago

Sarah Silverman | Tehran, Iran

RT @thesulk “Yikes, your hands look old” is not a great thing to say to a girl who’s wiping away tears.  about 4 hours ago

matthew perry

Recommendation for you gamers out there…alpha protocol on xbox. Closest thing to fallout 3 I have found. And that is high praise indeed.  12:51 AM Aug 3rd

Felicia Day | Los Angeles, CA

@DeathStarPR The wiki entry on you lists no cookies or puppies. I’m dubious.  about 3 hours ago

Elizabeth Banks | pineapple at bottom of sea

here’s that poster with the cup o’ jizz on it –  about 12 hours ago

Jason Collings | In my skin.

Remember when tap dancing was cool back in nineteen never?  about 23 hours ago

olivia wilde | everywhere

good vegan bags! i love matt & nat. now they have cheaper ones:  about 1 hour ago

Conan O’Brien | Los Angeles

For those of you who are wondering, yes, this is a photo of me at 18: It’s also a photo of me at 30. And 40.  43 minutes ago

Jelena Jensen | Sacramento, Ca

@lucacicc I don’t meet with fans. Only time to meet up with me is when I do an appearance.  42 minutes ago

Neil Patrick Harris | Hollywoodland

@thepageisblank Every edit was solely due to time. Had to trim almost 20 minutes, due to HB curfew. Still tried to maintain flow. Tricky.  5:19 PM Aug 8th

John Mayer | USA

True story: I get wasted and order products from Knife Show for my friends. Tony gets a $35.00 katana blade. Item no. CCN-10100.  2:05 AM Aug 9th