Okay… you may already know this… you might not… you might still be reading this which means I have you in my hypnotic deathword-trap… bwahahahahahaha!!!!  Shit.  Okay, It’s been a long night and I didn’t get much sleep.  Plus I think that asshole Carl in accounting brewed decaf today.  (Dick).

A-N-Y-W-A-Y, the shortcut I’m here to tell you about (for all of you who type in our entire name to get here) is that you can simply enter theWGUB.com instead of the entire kit-n-kaboodle.  Got it?  Once more for the cheap seats… you don’t have to type WhiteGlossyUndergroundBoard.com anymore (unless you really want to)… you can easily type theWGUB.com and get to the exact same place.  Bam!  Vuah-La!  Hocus-Pocus!  Okay… I’m leaving.   F’ing Carl.