I’m not one who believes in double rainbow’s taking place without a handful of shrooms and 3 Four Loko’s.  So I was a little skeptical when WhiteGlossy told me to put on the Q-link Pendant, go run and it will make me feel better and understand the Facebook movie.  Believe it or not…..I think this pebble has my mind tricked.  I put in on with each run or workout and for some reason it’s go time.  I feel it acts as a placebo of energy or I figure just the same way Favre gets excited when he grabs his cell phone or you nerds get amped for Friday night D&D……I realize it’s game time when I put this on.   During one game in high school I put a penny in my cleat and had a great game.  We all know that damn penny had nothing to do with my performance except my foot contracting Hep B.  But that penny could be found in my cleat every game after.  It’s incentive plain and simple and we all need incentive no matter what it is.  So here’s to me, my rock and my penny passing you at the next charity 5k because it’s not about cancer…it’s about me winning.