Getting up the motivation to strap on a great pair of shoes, get your fat butt outside and run is hard enough… now toss a little sun in your eyes.  Ugh!!!  Glasses might seem like a simple selection, but when it really comes down to it… get the wrong pair and it could actually alter your vision… give you headaches… turn everything a yucky brown color… fall off your head (and steal your concentration)… and by mile 2, 3, 4, 15… fell like a ton of bricks on your face.

We found one hell of a fantastic solution with the Maui Jim Makaha Collegiate Edition (Univ of Texas) ($189).  PaysteeWhite talked quite a bit about Makaha’s cousin earlier today (Check it out HERE) with regards to running, so I took the Makaha and gave it to a hard-core cyclist friend of mine.  He was gearing up for one of his biggest annual rides and the timing was perfect.  He strapped on his helmet… dorky cyclist outfit (oh c’mon… you don’t chuckle a little every time you see one of those neon orange shirts rolling down the hill?)… slid on the Makahas and told me what he thought.

As with Paystee’s initial observation… the cyclist immediately went to the weight.  “If these shades weren’t shielding the sun from my face… I would have completely forgot they were even there.  I have truly never felt anything as light as these Maui Jims”.  Then he had a few things to say about the lenses.  “On my first day it was pretty bright outside, however… within my ride I rode from blazing sun to completely canopied shade, with a little twilight riding at the end of the day.  I’m saying this because the thought that I should take the Makahas off never crossed my mind.  They shielded the sun perfectly (without creating any strange earth curvature) but let through the perfect amount of light to make the darker pathways clear.  Are they magical?  Is there a little Hawaiian tiki god hidden inside?  WTF?  These things freakin rocked!!  On top of all that… they never fogged over.  Let me explain: everything I’ve mentioned is something I’ve dealt with when buying other sunglasses made specifically for cycling (fogging, curvature, too dark, etc.).  So it kinda blows me away that these shades made simply for being great glasses do everything I need for my specific sport”  

Style?  “I dig the Univ of Texas because 1 – they’re awesome, and 2 – the color matches my cycle perfectly”

All-in-all, I’ve never seen my buddy happier (and I pushed him in a cart through the grocery store after getting wasted in a Chilli’s once… so I would know what happy looks like.)

Add in the bitchen hard-shell case and cleaning cloth, both covered in your college of choice (in this case… Longhorns!!!) and Maui Jim has a truly awesome idea.  Whoever came up with this idea… deserves a fat raise!!!

Can we just all agree that we love Maui Jim?  I mean truly love them?  Image… style… technology… just unreal!