Okay… so last week we went a little Zombie crazy.  Hell, I think it’s safe to say we have zombies on the brain!  After our survival series for the post apocalyptic undead takeover (catch-up on all of it HERE) we have one last bit of Zombie related news to bring to all of you who remain living.

This time it hails from the land of Hollywood… the people behind 2009’s break-out horror/comedy flick “Zombieland” are back in action with, yup you guessed it, “Zombieland 2”.  While the details are still pretty hazy and mostly unconfirmed… the original four brain-smashing heroes are supposed to be back in action, along with Z1’s Director (Ruben Fleischer) and writers (Rhett Reese & Paul Wenick).  I’ve gotta say… with how much I loved the first one… the idea of another planet infested with slapstick mad-cow infested ghoulies gives me chills of joy.  I’m ready to cheer for the geek and watch a few more of his golden rules get broken.  Oh, and Twinkies… god I hope they find more Twinkies!!!

(Thanks slashfilm.com for the info)