Are you one of the estimated 3 Million people who streams Netflix through your Wii gaming console?  How about one of the lots-o-people (No actual number given) doing it with a PS3?  Well friends of the WGUB, starting today you can now officially go disk free!!!!  Take those disks and toss them all willy-nilly into the airr like ya just don’t curr (but do so responsibly because those things hurt like a sonofabitch… oh, and recycle when you’re done).  according to Press Releases straight from the people at Netflix (PS3 HERE, Wii HERE) the big disk-strip is already upon us.  Personally… I think waiting until tomorrow might be a good idea considering the number of people jumping on to check it out… but hey, what the hell do I know.  Just go and get your Netflix on!!!!  Peace!