You may recall back in August we hit you with a series of articles titled “Campapalooza” (You can refresh your memories HERE) where we introduced you to some of our favorite outdoor stuff.  Well, this weekend we are once again letting the beards grow long and stomping off into the wild blue-ish yonder, and we have a bunch of new and exciting gear to test-out for all of our wonderful WGUB buddies (psst… that’s YOU)!!!  As always, we don’t believe in the blah blah blah that is associated with most “reviews”… HELL NO!!!!  We take it out for a real spin… get it dirty… toss it around… and sometimes even try to break it a little.  When everything is said and done, we bring back to the city a real-world review on how stuff works… if it holds up to its namesake… and most importantly, if it’s worth your hard-earned cash!

This time around we have new tents, knives, lanterns, cold weather gear (including our heavily anticipated furry Sanuks), emergency rations, outdoor electronics, and lots more.  The gas tanks are filled… coolers packed… Tasty Libations safely stored away, and we are ready to kick some serious mountain ass!!!!  We aren’t hitting the road until the end of the day tomorrow… so if there is something you’ve been keeping an eye on for your own personal trip up Mother Nature’s little lady bumps holla acha boys and let us know what it is… if it’s something we can find within a day we might just pick it up and take it with us (but only for you, because you’re special!).