By now I’m sure you’ve realized that we at the WGUB take pride in our anonymity.  (Shit… did I really just spell that correctly the first time without spellcheck’s help.  HELLS YEAH I DID!!!!)

Anyway, back to us being all secretive and stuff.  It’s basically a way for us to keep the hordes and hordes of screaming, hot, half-naked women from groping and dry-humping us all day when we go out in public.  It sounds fantastic, but it really does have its downfalls (ok, I call serious Bullshit on that by-the-way… it’s really because that dickhead Carl in accounting hides a glock in his desk and we’re all fearful of our lives).  Well… one of us had to do it first, and who better than the craziest muthafucka on our staff… Crazy Uncle PaysteeWhite!  That’s right… he agreed to let us head over to his house last night and take his picture for all the world to see.  Are you ready?

1…. 2…. 3…

Many thanks from our friends at the Corazon Fair Trade for the Lucha Libre Mask and those crazy bastards, who we miss dearly, at Four Loko!!!  Happy Friday Bitches!!!