Joining competitors and Google, Apple is expected to launch its own cloud based music service on June 6th.

What really stands Apple out from Amazon and Google is that the service is rumored to be more than just an online storage/backup locker but a monthly subscription service which not only gives you the only backup, but the service is rumored to scan your current music library for less than stellar quality songs and replace the song with a higher quality song.   How does Apple plan on getting away with this?  Simply put, Apple has a great relationship with most of the major record labels and word is that Apple has the blessing of these labels for a service like this.  Amazon and Google are not on as great of terms with the labels.

Depending on monthly cost and how it stacks up against the costs of the other services alone might make this the most attractive option to many.  If you are like many people who built their music library under less than legal methods, you know the struggle sometimes is the quality of what you get.  I’d pay a service fee to get some of my favorite songs in a better format instead of paying upwards of a thousand dollars to buy them to replace songs gotten back in the heyday of Napster and the likes.

We’ll be sure to report more on Monday June 6th once Apple has dropped the bomb.  But until then you can catch some info on the service here and here.

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