Pretty soon, everything will be connected.  Well, lets knock one more thing off that list.  Now you can connect your scale to a television.  Why would you want to do this?  Why not?!?

The WIFI Body Scale ($160) by Withings can connect with their Panasonic VIERA® HDTVs (assuming you own one).  If not, you can also send your weight data to the web or your Iphone, so you can track the progress up of up to eight people.

“Honey, according to my Iphone, you are up five pounds this month, how about some treadmill time?”  Yeah, we can see that going over well in many households.

The WiFi Body Scale is a revolutionary product that transforms an ordinary bathroom scale into an automatic weight tracking device for up to 8 people.  It wirelessly records a user’s body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI) onto his/her own secure webpage and/or free Withings iPhone application, WiScale.  Now, this data dashboard can be easily accessed directly from the VIERA CAST™ menu page.

“Withings is working towards a new era in connected health devices and this partnership is yet another move in that direction, said Co-Founder of Withings Cedric Hutchings.  “Making your health data as easily accessible as possible is a key feature of the WiFi Body Scale. Now, you can access all your information via your MAC, PC, mobile device or television.”

Withings also carries a pretty sweet product for those of you that have high blood pressure.  The Withings Blood Pressure ($129) also has Iphone/Ipad/Ipod connectivity for monitoring your daily blood pressure.  For more on their products, check out their website here.