Starting TODAY Hulu Plus is now only $7.99/month!!!

Have you already been a Hulu Plus subscriber for a while now and feel screwed?  Well Hulu loves you too… for every month you’ve been a loyal watcher they will credit your account $2.  Isn’t that sweet of them!?

Not enough to take the Hulu Plunge??  They are now also giving you a 1-week free trial for all new subscribers… just long enough to decide if it’s really all worth it.

Still not enough?  Help spread the word about Hulu and for each friend you recommend, and joins, you’ll get two weeks of Hulu Plus for FREE!!!  (up to 20 weeks total)

“But I can’t watch Hulu Plus yet” you say?  Own a Sony Device with Network connectivity?  Been waiting on Hulu to get their sh!t together so you can watch them on something other than a PS3 or Laptop??  Well, today good friends of the WGUB is your day!!!  Starting sometime late yesterday (and tested last night by your’s truly) HuluPlus made itself available to any Sony device with Bravia Internet Video built-in.  That’s right, Hulu is fully functional and ready to completely topple cable!  With an $8.99 Netflix subscription… and a $7.99 (rumored to possibly drop to $5) HuluPlus account… your $45ish/month cable bill seems more-and-more like a bad idea.