Have you heard of Skype?  Sure you have… hell, Oprah talks about it all the time so even your Grandma knows about it.  How about your mobile phone?  Do you have a superty-duper cool iPhone like I do?  Well today is your lucky day then!  The Skype iPhone/iPod app has a teeny-tiny little upgrade for those of you who’ve considered using it.  VIDEO CALLS!!!!!!! Thaaaaaaat’s right (in my best game show announcer voice) starting today you can use Skype for totally free mobile to mobile video calls… on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs & iPod touch 4th Gen.  FREEEEEE!!!!!  And (AND) it works over the 3G and Edge networks.  And works well.  If you don’t already have the app… snag it up HERE.

I’m stoked… the three people I video conferenced over the last hour are stoked… Gma WhiteGlossy is stoked… and later today, I’m getting drunk (just sayin).

Peace, Love & Video calls!