Apple is about to cross the 12 billion song mark. They’ve sold 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, 5 million books and have a total of 160 million accounts.

Jobs – “It’s the number one online media store in the world.”

New Logo for iTunes 10 (available today!):

A social network built into iTunes about music. “Follow your artists and friends to discover the music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.”  Called “Ping”

“Ping is for social music discovery.” You can follow people and be followed.  Jobs – “The privacy is super simple to set up. Anyone can do it. It’s great.”  You can set up a circle of friends to share music with each other.

The visual layout is very similar to Facebook.  See what your friends are listening too & watching…

Ping is also available on your mobile devices!  Not just the desktop.