In defense of being called to task about my electronic battleship programming abilities (I was like 8 and it was from a yard sale) on our Facebook page (you should be a fan by now).  I would like to prove that I do know how to change my TELEVISON with a remote.  In fact, I change it with the most bad ass remote on the planet.  Long gone are those days where you have to look through your owner’s manual for a stupid code to punch in.  This remote you have to program with your computer.  See, I even know how to use one of those as well. 

I give you the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen.  This baby can control up to 15 devices and basically makes your home theater a one remote type of deal.  Since I didn’t want to get annoyed with the five remotes that I had after I upgraded to the new entertainment system, this little baby was well worth the price I paid on  

Although I will throw a little tip out to all our fans, you can usually get a model of this remote for around 40 dollars at Best Buy during the black Friday sales.   The past few years I have picked one up for my elderly parents and a friend.  The former uses it with ease and the latter is cheap and won’t get one for himself.   That model will only control 5 devices, which is usually more than enough for the average home entertainment system.

Set up is a breeze, even if you can’t program an electronic battleship game.  Although I don’t know how much I would really brag about that one.  I’m just saying.  But if you do run into problems, Logitech’s customer support line can program your remote for you and then all you need to do is download it to your remote.