By now you’ve probably noticed that a large part of our day at the WGUB is fueled by a heaping cup of crushed and strained beans.  Naturally, because it’s who we are, we’ve tasted practically every kind of coffee available to us over the past years… and after burning many a taste-buds, have happily settled into a daily groove at the corner Starbucks.  That being said, there are a few things that truly wave the banner of a dawning Autumn season… the leaves changing color, a slight nip in the evening air, it getting dark just a little bit earlier, Pumpkin cinnamon & spice smells, and the arrival of Starbucks Spicy & Bold Anniversary blend coffee!!!  I’m excited, are you excited, because I’m excited and I already had like 3 cups today, can you tell?

I also picked up my 1-pounder this morning and can’t wait to grind it up and drink it’s super yumminess tomorrow morning.  Weekend coffee rocks!!!

So go my fellow bean sippers… go to your nearest Starbucks and pick up your 2010 Anniversary Blend Spicy & Bold (or you can snatch-it-up online HERE).