The following statement can be taken a couple of different ways, but is meant in a purely bro-tastic man-crush kinda way.  I love George Clooney!  I’ve been a big fan every since I saw him on E/R (Not the 1-hr NBC hit show “ER” either… I’m talking about the single season, 30-min comedy from 1984 “E/R”), and have enjoyed watching him act more and more over the years.  Then hearing about his crazy practical joker side… makes him the Bro of all bros.  Okay… mancrushing aside, there is another incredibly key element to this movie – Clara (Violante Placido). 

This woman is truly one of the sexiest, most natural woman to grace the big-screen in years!  The picture doesn’t do her honesty and AMAZING body justice.  Yes, she is completely nude in this movie (thankfully, because she is doooope) as is Mr. Clooney.  As for the movie itself.  It’s slow… has a lot of artistic shots/angles/exposures… and is drawn out.  However, considering the intensity behind both Mr Butterfly’s (Clooney) career choice and the over-all feel from the first scene… I actually get it.  There is a lot of brooding loneliness and quiet strength here.  Plus it’s in Italy… or Rome… and the landscapes are really breathtaking.  Don’t go expecting to watch an action packed film… but still go.  Just expect something almost monotone, but secretly exciting with great moments of espionage, and of course the visually amazing Clara. 

Final word – Go see it!  You won’t be disappointed now that you know what to expect.