Here’s a look at what is hitting the theaters this week..

Resident Evil:  Afterlife:   Are they really still making these movies?  Sure the first one was good, the second one acceptable, the third horrible.  Now you get this in 3D glory.  Video game nerds cheer!  Join Alice as she continues to fight the Umbrella Corporation.  I question any movie that has Ali Larter in it, due to her being the worst actress on the planet.  If you like the franchise, you’ll see it.  Me, I’ll be seeing it on Netflix

Here’s a look at what we have at home via Netflix.


True Blood, Season 2, Disc 2:  This season is getting good, and I’m only two episodes in. 

When in Rome:  I know, I know.  But Kristen Bell is extremely hot.  So I’ll suffer through it. 


Killers:  Ashton Kutcher plays a spy?  Katherine Higel plays his unassuming wife.  Hey wait, we’ve seen this one.  It’s called Mr. and Mrs. Smith