Here’s a look at what’s hitting the big screen (and ours) this weekend.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1:  This is part one of the finale of one of the most successful movie franchises in history.  The lines will be long, the kids potentially annoying, and the nerds out in full effect.  We however, will probably still rent it.

The Next Three Days: Also known as the movie that will be coming in second this week, if not third.  This stars Russell Crowe as he tries to free his wife  (played by Elizabeth Banks) from prison.

And here is what we have at home from Netflix.


Entourage Season 1, Disc 2:  Didn’t get to this one last weekend, too much Four Loko.

Entourage Season 2, Disc 1:  Looks like I am watching Entourage this weekend.


Robin Hood: I’m guessing this will fall somewhere in between the KEvin Costner one and the Cary Elwes one… but my expectations are low so it might be great.

The Las Air-Bender: Haven’t a clue about anything to do with this series…. hoping it’s fun.