So… it’s Friday and you have a long weekend of nothing ahead of you (okay, maybe a few honey-do’s… but mostly nothing).  After this weekend you’ll have 2-3 days of “work” followed by another 4 days of yawning and scratching yourself.  You’ve powered through all of the shows on your DVR and nothing on Netflix really looks all that interesting… what the hell are you going to do now?  Thank god you have the good ole WGUB … we got your back good buddy!!!  Now… we can’t guarantee any of these will be family friendly (in fact we can pretty much guarantee they are NOT), but if you’re dry in the Instant Queue then check out the first episode of any of these offerings… we promise that you’ll get hooked by at least one (if not all of them!):

Blue Mountain State: At college football powerhouse Blue Mountain State, quarterback Alex (Darin Brooks) tries to score with coed hotties, running back Craig (Sam Jones III) endures the demands of his controlling girlfriend and ever-horny Sammy (Chris Romano) strives to be a worthy mascot. A raucous look at campus life, this booze-soaked comedy series also stars Alan Ritchson as a standout linebacker and Ed Marinaro as the team’s coach. Boobs, lots of sex & nudity, some football and plenty of comedy!

Californication: Bachelor Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has it made: He’s a sexy, best-selling author who’s irresistible to the ladies. But as a part-time dad juggling his wild lifestyle with grown-up responsibilities, the say-anything writer is at a loss for words. This smart Showtime comedy also stars Natascha McElhone (as Hank’s ex-girlfriend), Madeleine Martin (as Becca, his 13-year-old daughter), Madeline Zima and Evan Handler. Great dialog, hot women, a sexaholic and hatin on Hollywood.

Dexter: Playing a sympathetic serial killer might sound like a stretch, but former “Six Feet Under” star Michael C. Hall pulls it off in this macabre drama about a likable forensics expert who channels his violent tendencies into knocking off miscreants. Dexter Morgan (Hall) seems so harmless, in fact, that neither his girlfriend (Julie Benz) nor his cop sister (Jennifer Carpenter) suspect the true nature of his extracurricular activities.  Serial Killer’s Serial Killer… brilliant writing, narrating & blood splatter galore!  One of our all-time favs!!!

Weeds: Suburban widow Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) launches a profitable but unlikely business venture as pot dealer in the first season of this hit Showtime series about the challenges of managing motherhood — and marijuana. Desperate times force Nancy into desperate dealings with dangerous characters, which raises the suspicions of a self-involved neighbor (Elizabeth Perkins, in an Emmy-nominated role) and the DEA. A show before it’s time… had this come out last year instead, there would be a hell of a lot more suburban housewives with lay-off hubbies sellin weed!

There you have it!  Jump on your Netflix queue and add them now (you’ve got time).  Pop some corn… toss a log on the fire… and just let yourself get quietly addicted to any of the great shows!!!!!