Remember back in early August when we mentioned Netflix teaming up with the Epix movie channel to breathe fresh air into their movie offerings?  Well… the kickoff for that wonderful new union is TODAY!  That’s right… as of this morning you have a ton of new options for your instant streaming pleasure.  Hell… I just went on and added the newest Star Trek movie about 30 seconds ago.  We give you permission to stray away from the WGUB if you must, but come back… we’ll have good stuff for you all day!

Be sure to browse around a bit too… oddly enough they don’t have a special section highlighting the new bounty of small-screen awesomeness for you to easily discover, so you’ll need to meander around a bit.  But when you find the new stuff it’s reminiscent of snatching up that last Easter egg at the family picnic… or finally finding that bastard Waldo.

For the original Netflix Press Release regarding the merger… go HERE