We live in an electronic world these days right?  And of course all of those little gadgets require one thing.  POWER! But sometimes getting power to those devices can be a little daunting.  We all are no stranger to the power strip, as well as not being strangers to what a pain in the ass..errr we mean neck…they can be at times.  It seems like every device you try to plug-in has a different sized transformer plug and on traditional surge protectors they can sometimes cover up your other free plugs. 

Now those days are behind use.  With the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier  ($19.99) your problems are solved.  Taking from its name, it is an outlet multiplier that kind of looks like a squid.  With dangly arms with plenty of space between them so you can plug your various transformer plugs into and have the space to do so.

The PowerSquid power outlet multiplier and surge protectors easily convert one grounded outlet into five grounded, adapter ready outlets.  The varying lengths of the PowerSquid’s arms provide increased reach and flexibility, allowing each outlet to be readily positioned for convenient use.  The built-in surge protection defends connected devices against power surges, protecting sensitive electronics, and will also stop sending power to the connected devices if the surge protection is no longer functioning.

“The PowerSquid surge protectors are the perfect companion for all of your electronics,” stated Michael Weizer, director of marketing, Accell.  “Their new fail-safe design protects connected equipment if the surge protection function is rendered inoperable by a power surge.  The PowerSquid continues to evolve with new features and functionality.”