Here is a quick look at what is hitting the shelves this week on Blu-Ray

The Social Network:  The movie about the website we all probably spend way too much time on.

Dances with Wolves (20th Anniversary Edition):  Kevin Costner’s best work.  Crazy this is 20 years old.

Piranha:  B horror movies rock. Also available on 3D Blu-Ray.

Alpha & Omega:  A movie about two wolves.

Raging Bull (30th Anniversary Edition):  Boxing movies are great.  And this is one of the best.  Or so I’ve heard.  I have never seen this one.

And here is the top 10 instant streaming movies thanks to

  1. Lost Boys: The Thirst 2010
  2. Triage 2009
  3. Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach 2008
  4. Solitary Man 2009
  5. Frozen 2010
  6. Shutter Island 2010
  7. Exam 2008
  8. Blade 2 2002
  9. Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley 2009
  10. Emmanuelle 7 1993