Here is a look at what is hitting shelves on Blu-Ray this week.

The Descendants:  The “talkie” that should have gotten a few more Oscars.  Including George Clooney for Best Actor.  Look, if the Academy keeps overlooking this guy for his pure acting talent, he should just take all the hot women he bangs and leave.   Either way, this movie delves into a family that is thrown into tragedy and infidelity.

The Adventures of Tin Tin: Anytime Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson get together, you know it is going to be solid.  Based on the original “Tintin” comics by Hergé this adventure is for all ages really.

My Week with Marilyn:  The movie that should have earned Michelle Williams an Oscar.  No offense to Meryl Streep of course.  Based on a true story.

Melancholia:  I’ve never heard of this movie.  But it stars Kirsten Dunst.  So there is that.

The Three Musketeers:  I can only imagine what a load of crap this movie is.  Orlando Bloom is getting type cast.  Time to put down the sword and do some serious acting buddy.

Young AdultDiablo Cody (Juno) has written another nuanced, psyche-skewering masterpiece with Young Adult. And Charlize Theron turns in an amazing performance that takes the audience along for a darkly comic and deeply rewarding ride. Young Adult centers on a woman, Mavis (Theron), who was all that back in high school. After a crushing divorce, she returns to her small town, Mercury, to regroup, and, she hopes, reclaim her high school flame, Buddy (the blandly handsome Patrick Wilson, also excellent)

Happy Feet Two:  Everyone loves dancing penguins!

And as usual, a quick look at what is trending upward on Netflix thanks to

  1. Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 2011
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer 2011
  3. CNBC Originals: Dirty Money: The Business of High-End Prostitution 2008 ▲1
  4. Pi 1998 ▲8
  5. 10 mph 2007 ▲46
  6. The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog 2004
  7. Jeepers Creepers 2001 ▼2
  8. Can We Live Forever?: Nova scienceNOW 2011 ▼1
  9. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon 2003 ▼1
  10. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 1990 ▲41