Here’s a look at what’s hitting the shelves in Blu-ray and DVD this week.

Smallville:  The Complete 9th Season:  Look, it’s about Superman, need we say more? 

Chuck:  The Complete 3rd Season:  Join everyone’s favorite unassuming undercover guy. 

The Office: Season 6:  Relive Jim & Pam’s wedding and the new addition to the office.  Their  baby, not Kathy Bates.

Killers:  Total hottie and bad actor team up for this romantic comedy/action flick.  Rent it. 

StarDust:  Some movie with a lot of special effects. 

Mars Attacks!:  Tim Burton‘s look at the little green men from Mars.  Classic, and now on Blu-Ray.

MacGruber:  Sigh..  Doubtful it isn’t as funny as the skits.  Unless you really love this movie in the theater (and not many people did) we would recommend renting it.