Is it a painting, or the power of the iPad making such magical images?  If you guessed iPad, you are correct my friend.

ArtRage ($6.99) for the iPad is a little app that virtually puts a brush in your hand, where you can spill out all your creative juices (no not those) onto a virtual canvas via your iPad.  ArtRage for iPad, which is part of the ArtRage Studio/Pro line for your desktop PC/Mac ($40-$80).  ArtRage for iPad is of course the portable version of the software.  Imagine sitting in a park and being able to paint what you see right there on your iPad, assuming you have the talent to do so, and then you can import your images and finish them with the much more powerful ArtRage Studio/Pro software should you choose.   ArtRage for iPad can be downloaded from iTunes today.  Below are a few images done with the software.  Pretty impressive stuff.