Bose is bad ass.  They know how to make big sound out of small things.  Well, they’ve done it again.  About the only thing that isn’t small about this is the price tag.  But one can dream right?

Bose is about to  meld video with their superior audio ability with the Bose VideoWave.  With a price tag of $5400, this surely will scare more than a few people away. 

But this 1080p LCD has a hidden speaker system inside it that means no more incorporating speakers into your home decor.  Inside the relatively thin LCD are the software and electronics to make it happen: multiple amplification channels, six woofers, advanced digital signal processing and other high-tech circuitry.  The system comes with a console that connects via a single wire to the screen, which can connect to a TiVo, cable box, Blu-ray player or other component. An iPod dock is also included.

Will this replace your standard home theater experience, doubtful.  But it could be a nice alternative for those with limited space and an unlimited budget.  It is coming into the market at a time where TV’s are going more towards the 3D, which this thing really isn’t.  And for that kind of scratch, you may want to go the 3D route instead.  But what can be said is that Bose once again made a cool product that takes sound to a new level.