In case you don’t hang with cool industry people… or forgot where that hip coffee house is… then I have a new group for you my friends.  I say friends because, well, I think by now we can call each other friends.  In fact… I’m gonna let you in on a little summin special at the end of this post (Hey Jackass… don’t skip ahead).  Fine, since you looked anyway… here’s a link to what I think is one of the bad-ass bands out, with an Amazon download of their latest album for only $5! HEY!!!  But come back after you download and keep reading okay?

Back to the stylings of an interestingly named “Broken Bells”… these guys are all around a mellowey, hipster, trance inducing, addicting sound.  And I think I just might love them a little.  Bromance… not creepy stalkermance.  One of my favorite things about the album, which I play almost daily in the office, (2010 ‘s “Broken Bells” by Broken Bells) is their eclectic style of songs within one album.  It’s not your typical one-song-bleeds-into-the-next kind of track race that leaves you forgetting what was what… it’s a great mix of different ideas and directions, that also blend and bounce off of each other wonderfully.  It’s upbeat and mellow at the same time, with great harmonies and synthesizers.  Like the warm nipple-hardening chill from the first sip of your favorite drink (Makers Mark and diet Coke in case you were wondering).  Faintly reminiscent of a great acid trip in the mid-90’s.

A little about the players: Producer/musician Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse)… known for his awesome skillz mixin it up with Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo, the Black Keys, Beck, and a grip of other big names across the music universe.  In other-words, a total badass.  With his latest stretch of the imagination, he paired up with James Mercer, a singer/songwriter you may have heard of from a little band called the Shins.  The result?  Psychedelic molody perfection!

Will Hermes with Rolling Stone magazine lays out a great article about them both HERE.

Okay… my rambling is done, get the hell out of here and go buy this damn thing already!  Here’s their website if you want to hear a little awesomeness –

Once more… here’s a link to what I think is one of the baddest ass bands out, with an Amazon download of their latest album for only $5!

PEACE!  LOVE!  & Broken Bells!